Ogilvie (1972) investigated a Green’s function method for calculating the wave profile of slender ships with fine bows. He recognized that near a slender ship’s bow, rates of change of flow variables axially should be greater than those typically assumed in slender body theory. Ogilvie’s (1972) result is still a slender body theory in that the rates of change in the near field are different transversely (a half-order) than axially; however, the difference in order of magnitude between them is less than in the usual slender body theory. Typical of slender body theory, this formulation results in a downstream stepping solution (along the ship’s length) in which downstream effects are not reflected upstream. Ogilvie (1972), however, only developed a solution for wedge-shaped bodies. In this paper, a general solution for arbitrary slender ships has been developed based on Ogilvie’s (1972) formulation. The results for wave resistance have been calculated and are compared to previously published model test data and calculated results. The free surface profile has also been calculated.

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