Typhoon, hurricane or tropical cyclone are characterized by the release of large amounts of latent heat of condensation. Even if an average typhoon has 1018J energy which is enough for annual Japanese electric power. Therefore until now, none of human beings can utilize this huge ocean energy. If we could develop a system that drawn out power from the typhoon or as such high wind energy resources, we could obtain clean and abundant energy. In this research proposes the concept of a sailing type power plant, designed as a mega sailing yacht with some underwater power generators. This power plant operates under the high wind energy area with its hard sails and the underwater propeller generators yield electric power, which will be stored by batteries or H2 conversion. Our feasibility study shows that using the 1000 mega yacht fleet, the annual power in Japan can be easily obtained with no CO2 emission. In this paper discuss our concept with the mega-float wind power concept and the results of model test in the tank.

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