This paper describes the possibility of an improvement of torque performance and hydrodynamic forces on a vertical axis type water turbine, used for marine current generating system. The water turbine analyzed here is based on a Darrieus turbine with vertical blades. We considered possibilities of controlling the angle of attack of blades in order to improve the starting performance and to reduce energy loss during the rotation of the turbine. We used blade-element/ momentum theory in order to investigate the variations appearing in torque performance when the angle of attack were controlled. We also proved the validity of our predictions of hydrodynamic forces on the blade and the turbine, made through CFD calculation, by comparing them with the results of corresponding model tests in a current channel. In the corresponding model test we investigated not only the hydrodynamic forces on the turbine with three fixed blades, but also the inline force and the cross-flow force on the rotating turbine with three blades. Regarding the cyclic pitching of turbine blades, results suggest that significant increase in average turbine torque is possible.

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