The results of a study carried out to determine the modification of wave climate around an array of open chambered structures, which could represent an array of wave power devices are presented in this paper. The wave-structure interaction is studied using the Boussinesq wave model within the MIKE 21 suite software. The spacing between two adjacent structures within the array is varied from 1S to 5S, where S is equal to 20 m. The effect of varying the spacing between individual structures and the resulting wave reflection and transmission around the array is illustrated using simulated random waves. The results show that the degree of reflection and transmission mainly depends on the spacing between individual structures and the peak wave periods. The maximum increase in significant wave height due to wave reflection in front of the array reached about 39% and the maximum reduction in significant wave height downstream the array is found to be about 41%. The results presented in this paper should be of interest to the wave energy industry.

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