In this research, we propose a new offshore wind energy generation system that uses a Tension Leg Platform (TLP) and performed the experimental test of the TLP type wind turbine both in waves and in wind. The authors used a 1/100 scale wind turbine. Not only the motion characteristics, but also the loads of the tension legs and the bending moments of the tower were revealed in this paper. From the research, the following conclusions were mainly obtained. 1) In the case of waves-wind coexisting condition, the wind effect stabilizes the pitch motion compared with in only waves. 2) The wind effect is decreasing the vibration of the mooring lines in waves and wind coexisting field. Especially, the springing (2nd order or 3rd order force) is also decreasing in this field. 3) It can be estimated that the amount of reduction rate of electricity generation power is up to about 6% from the results of the heel angle.

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