This study discusses relationship between the extent of the sphere of cognition by local inhabitants in coastal fishing area and the physical environment, as ascertained from a questionnaire survey of local inhabitants. Object is 59 coastal fishing villages (Izu and Bousou peninsula in Japan) in which the sea, a town, and a mountain are realized in one, and has complicated geographical feature. We have been researched the complexity and metamorphosis patterns of common areas in coastal fishing regions using sphere graphic method. Based on research, this study analysis Explicate Order and Implicate Order formed from the mutual relationship of the cognitive region and visibility and determine relationship between cognitive attribution and visibility. We analysis visibility with visible region image using the 3-dimensional shade picture which applied the inverse-square damping which is approximation to man’s visual recognition and which is obtained from a spread of light. From above analysis, correlativity of cognitive attribution and visibility by landscape recognition of local inhabitants was shown and its Composition was determined.

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