We conducted a pilot attitude survey about attitude towards NIMBY (not in my back yard) facility with the students who major in ocean engineering and environmental engineering as subjects. The results found the following: facilities that are most often considered NIMBYs are a nuclear power plant, an industrial waste disposal facility, followed by a bio-research institute; if a NIMBY is established more than 50 km apart from the subjects’ residential area, its presence becomes acceptable; the degree of rejection lessens in the order of an isolated, uninhabited island, on a desert, and a submarine location. Also, the results showed that the best merit of building a BSL-4 facility offshore is that it can be relocated to another location if necessary. As a conclusion, a BSL-4 facility is most likely to be accepted to the local residents if it is built on a floating construction 50 km offshore, allowing to move to another location if necessary.

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