Recent developments in subsea mining as well as oil & gas exploration and development drilling will require the use of a subsea pumping solution capable of handling slurries. These slurries are characterized by relatively large particle sizes and non-uniform flow conditions including fluctuating solids concentrations, densities, viscosities, and maximum particle size in both the mining and drilling applications. While challenging enough in surface applications, slurry transport problems are exacerbated by the vertical lift required in subsea use. This paper will first present the effect of each varying parameter on the overall horsepower required. Additionally, the pumping efficiency of some different pump types when responding to these changing conditions will be shown. From a control perspective, altering a pump’s speed in response to changing flow conditions presents some unique challenges. As an alternative to adjusting a rotary pump’s speed, an algorithm to control a positive displacement pumping solution to automatically adjust its output in this application is presented.

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