Recently, several underwater vehicles (UVs) including autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) have been developed. The purpose that such UVs are applied is various and the required performance for the UVs are also various. For example, they are oceanographic survey with long-distance cruising, plankton investigatory with high maneuverability and so on. Therefore, suitable UV for the mission is should be designed. In the above examples, UV that has the low resistance form is suitable for long-distance cruising; UV with low added mass form is suitable for plankton investigatory. Form the above viewpoint; we began working on a project to improve the UV’s hull form. Firstly, we focus on the resistance performance of UV within the resistance performance and maneuverability of UV. Using experimental and numerical methods, the relationship between the resistance performance and the UV’s hull form are investigated. In this paper, the part of the above results is introduced.

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