In the past, there were very serious casualties under the actions of extreme waves including loss of precious lives. There are cases like loss of M V Derbyshire (Faulkner, 2001) due to hatch cover failure in extreme weather conditions. Use of composite materials in marine fields as major or minor components off floating platforms is discussed in this paper. Application of composites on board ships reduces the self weight and lowers the position of vertical centre of gravity of the floating vessel. There are advantages in using composite structures in marine environment. A link-span fitted with a composite deck and the feasibilities of using composite for hatch covers of bulk carrier ship is described in this paper. In the case of bulk carriers, failure of hatch cover especially in the forward part of the vessel leads to flooding of the forward cargo compartment and occasionally results in fatal casualty. The foremost hatch cover and the next one within 25% length of the vessel.

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