Structural design of ships against collision requires prediction of the extent of damage to stiffened plates subjected to impact. Structural components such as stiffened plates, bulkheads are our concern. In ship structures stiffened plates are furnished with vertical or horizontal stiffeners to sustain conventional acting loads such as shearing, bending and local buckling. The consideration of collision in ship structural design is necessary for tankers where accidents may cause serious environmental pollution. In predicting the extent of collision damage, finite elements (FE) modeling of stiffened plates using ABAQUS software is applied to demonstrate collision scenario. Typical stiffened plates of tanker in service with different configurations of stiffeners are selected to examine absorbed energy for each one. The aim of this paper is to select the proper stiffener shape absorbing more deformed energy. These analyses of stiffened plates will guide ship designers to properly select effective stiffener absorbing higher deformed energy when simulate full scale ship against collision.

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