Flexible marine risers are compliant to external forces from waves, current and platform motions, and clashing between risers is an important concern. In deepwater developments where the number of connected risers is large, it is not economical to space them too far apart. In this regard, it is necessary to establish the probability of riser clashing throughout the service life; however, at present there appears to be no systematic procedure for assessing this risk. This paper presents a novel procedure for estimating the probability of riser clashing based on post-processing results obtained from time domain simulations of flexible risers subjected to random wave loads. First, an efficient technique is employed to sieve out critical pairs among riser elements. From these element pairs, the time history of a normalized clearance parameter is derived from the nodal displacements of the elements. Subsequently, the mean up-crossing rate of this parameter is extracted and extrapolated to the threshold of clashing using extreme value theory. As this method is still in its early developmental stage, critical effects such as vortex-induced vibrations and wake interference will not be considered in the present work.

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