This paper recites the non-linear dynamic finite element simulation to the whole collision process of the collision between the anti-collision equipment and the bridge pile cap in the rough waves and surge with an example, basing on the solving technique of explicit non-linear finite element method and the mechanism in bridge-anti-collision equipment collision, including the process of building a reasonable FEA model and the numerical calculation and analysis of the collision process in considering the hydrodynamics influence by non-linear finite element analysis code MSC.Dytran / Patran. Described in detail attached to the collision analysis needs to consider such as determination of element size control, the selection of material models and failure criteria, the definition of contact and friction and so on. It is pointed that local strength of the anti-collision equipments and the bridge pile caps, as well as the collision impact force in the rough seas and surge. On the basis of numerical simulation, the general laws and characteristics of the impulse response of collision are achieved, which can be extended to the design of the bridge anti-collision devices and reinforcement for pier caps with providing a range of meaningful conclusions.

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