In this paper, we establish a mechanical model of the structural dynamic analysis for the legs of fixed pile leg marine structures, where the hull doesn’t float out of the water. We make a calculation and analysis of the dynamic model by using the finite element analysis software “ABAQUS”. Also the cushioning mechanism of different materials is analyzed. Accordingly we establish a dynamic analysis model of a cushioning system. An elastic modulus linear model is used to simulate rubber materials, in order to carry out a qualitative analysis of the cushioning effect of a cushioning device in a reinforcing area. Taking rubber materials’ different elastic modulus and different load impact frequencies as variables, a series of calculation results and analysis are presented. Through a comparative analysis of the different structural dynamic response between the buffered and the non-buffered, we draw the conclusion that the dynamic load of the legs has been effectively alleviated with a cushioning device which is helpful in leg-protection.

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