The isolation of the vibration due to a harmonic vertical load using pile rows embedded in a layered poroelastic half-space is investigated in this study. Based on Biot’s theory, the frequency domain fundamental solution for a vertical circular patch load applied in a layered poroelastic half-space is derived via the transmission and reflection matrices (TRM) method. Utilizing Muki and Sternberg’s method, the second kind of Fredholm integral equations describing the dynamic interaction between the pile rows and the layered poroelastic half-space subjected to a harmonic vertical load is constructed. The isolation effect of piles rows for the vibration due to the harmonic vertical load is investigated via numerical solution of the integral equations. Numerical results of this study show that a stiffer upper layer overlying a softer bottom half-space will worsen the vibration isolation effect of pile rows and vice versa. Also, pile rows with large length are preferable for a better vibration isolation effect.

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