When the typhoon comes, the undersea pipelines usually are caused the destory, lateral displacement and floating easily by wave loading. Therefore, the main reason of the unstable seabed may be the typhoon wave loading. This study from the ocean geotechnical viewpoint, the study area of undersea gas pipeline route from Taoyuan to Taichung in western coast of Taiwan was selected. In this study, further by using the GeoStudio QUAKE/W software program to simulate the wave laoding. The marine meteorological data including strength parameters was collected and also jointed with wave theory. At the same time, under the wave action condition, pipeline weight and embedded depth are also discussed. This study assesses the influences of the undersea pipeline stability, and the purpose is to decrease structure damage. Based on the results of theoretical calculation and numerical simulation, it can be found the undersea pipeline induced by periodic wave loading occur the relative displacement maximum up to reach about 0.93.

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