The Spar platform has become one of the most attractive development concepts as the offshore industry moves towards deep and ultra-deep water frontiers for new oil gas discovery. Upending is critical in the spar endures motion and structural loading which is substantially different from the motion and loading during the exploratory life. The paper presents a method for prediction the motions of the Spar during upending operation. Vector form intrinsic finite element (VFIFE) is good on analyzing large displacement problem, for taking advantage of it, an analysis program is written basing on it. This program predicts the upending process of spar successfully, providing elaborate information about structure motion characteristic during the process. By input the motion characteristic into software ANSYS, a detailed strength analysis is made. This method has the ability to make a detailed analysis both on time-domain motion response and strength of structure. An actual upending analysis of a spar is utilized for demonstration the feasibility and highlight of the method.

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