The pendulous installation method of a manifold has a first phase that can be considered as a free fall in water. Of course, this is not free due to the fluid action. The consequence is that the manifold may oscillate rotationally which characterizes a fluttering behavior. However, the manifold is a complex body with non-uniform shape, several modules, porosity etc. Hence, in order to improve the understanding of the fluttering, this work presents advances in the observation of flow induced rotation on a flat plate in uniform flow. This has been started experimentally and subsequently numerical models yielded a confirmation of quasi-steady observations. The experimental results were obtained at the Laborato´rio de Ondas e Correntes (LOC) [Laboratory of Waves and Current] in COPPE/Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. The drag and lift forces coefficients and the center of pressure have been obtained for angles of attack θ = 0°–90° and for different Reynolds numbers.

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