An octagonal FPSO has been proposed for marginal oil and gas development in shallow waters. A shuttle tanker will be deployed near the FPSO during offloading operations. This new concept simplifies the design and manufacturing processes, yet maintains full production, storage, and offloading functions of a conventional ship-shaped FPSO. However, design of the mooring system for this floating unit imposes technical challenges due to: 1) high environmental loads expected on this unit, 2) large dynamic offsets of the unit in shallow waters, and 3) inadequate performance of catenary mooring systems in shallow waters. Thus, development of a viable station keeping solution becomes a key issue to the new concept FPSO design. In this paper, an innovative mooring system is designed to meet the challenges. The FPSO mooring system consists of pile anchors, bridle chains, anchorage buoys, and polyester ropes. Nine mooring lines are grouped into three bundles which evenly spread around the FPSO. The shuttle tanker is attached to the FPSO with a nylon rope hawser at the bow and secured to pre-installed anchorage buoys at the stern with two other nylon ropes. Analyses have been performed for the FPSO mooring system. It is concluded that the proposed mooring system is fully functional and effective.

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