Petrel, Eclipse and Monte Carlo are three simulators often used separately to evaluate reservoir structure, production performance and economics/planning/risk analysis respectively. Integration of the three packages provides a very comprehensive and efficient assessment tool for oilfields or blocks with limited data by avoiding incompatibility, data transformation and interface problems. Many oil and gas fields that have been discovered in the past and abandoned as a high risk venture have become of prime interest to numerous smart investors taking advantage of high oil prices and advanced technology. Some of these discoveries have exhibited reasonable hydrocarbon accumulations through seismic surveys, actual drilling and initial well-testing. Their development has previously been hindered by uncertainty and by low oil prices. The ALT Field, North Africa, is a typical example. Only nine vertical wells were drilled in the ALT Field during the 1960’s including three dry holes. Low production from three zones of Chalk Carbonate formation with moderate porosity and very low permeability (less than 1 md), meant the field has been abandoned for over three decades. Recently, with oil prices flourishing, the field has caught the eye of many potential developers. By utilizing the three-simulator approach, the ALT field has been verified as a potential producer of commercial oil. Two scenarios, single-pool and two-pool, have been established for describing the field structure, both are economically feasible, with more profitability foreseen from the single-pool scenario. The two-pool scenario demonstrated the field contains 885MMblls OIIP with estimated total reserves of 310MMbbls of oil using waterflooding alone and an additional 89MMbbls using CO2 injection. The existing six vertical producers are recommended to be used for injection, while a pattern of horizontal wells are suggested to be drilled and used as producers. The horizontal wells are favored over vertical ones to overcome the very low permeability situation. Development of the ALT Field is ongoing based upon the findings of this study. The idea of the three-simulator approach has proven workable, thus has potential to be used in similar cases once minor technical software problems are resolved.

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