This study focuses on the development of computational techniques for computing fluid-structure interaction with wave breaking. This is of practical relevance in both ocean, and ship hydrodynamics. This paper also presents a prediction of the local highly pressure load impacting on a rigid and elastic structure caused by fluid force including impact pressure. We have developed a new numerical scheme that combines a Eulerian scheme with Lagrangian particles, i.e. free surface particles and SPH particles, to compute fluid-structure interaction caused by impact pressure. In this model, we employed two kinds of particles. One is free surface particle located near the free surface to capture air-water interface accurately. The other one is SPH particle to compute solid motion and elastic deformation. The air-water mixing flow is treated on a fixed Eulerian grid with the free surface particles to rebuild the density function for capturing the interface in filamentary regions that are under-resolved. Conversely, the structure is solved using the particle method, SPH. These Lagrangian particles are useful and available to capture the interface between different phases. In this paper, the proposed method was applied to the water entry problems of a V-shaped wedge, a horizontal flat-plate, a circular cylinder, an elastic cylindrical shell and impact pressure acting on an elastic wall caused by wave breaking. The free surface and elastic deformation are compared with both numerical and experimental results. The pressure and strain predictions are also compared with experimental results obtained by other researchers.

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