Based on improving the wake-oscillator model, an analytical model for vortex-induced vibration (VIV) of flexible riser under non-uniform current is presented, in which the variation of added mass at lock-in and the nonlinear relationship between amplitude of response and reduced velocity are considered. By means of empirical formula combining iteration computation, the improved analytical model can be conveniently programmed into computer code with simpler and faster computation process than CFD so as to be suitable to application of practical engineering. This model is validated by comparing with experimental result and numerical simulation. Our results show that the improved model can predict VIV response and lock-in region more accurately. At last, illustrative examples are given in which the amplitude of response of flexible riser experiencing VIV under action of non-uniform current is calculated and effects of riser tension and flow distribution along span of riser are explored. It is demonstrated that with the variation of tension and flow distribution, lock-in region of mode behaves in different way, and thus the final response is a synthesis of response of locked modes.

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