The special dynamic hydrocyclone for the thin oil dewatering is developed combining with its advantage in creating high strength swirl field, aiming at the character of the thin oil. By lab experiment, the curves, between the input water cut, viscosity, speed of rotating wall, the ratio and the efficiency, are obtained. Then, the operating parameters are optimized for the dynamic hydrocyclone with specified construction. Subsequently, one process of series/parallel connection of several dynamic hydrocyclones is designed. The result of the experiments shows that applying the dynamic hydrocyclone in thin oil dewatering can lessen the water cut to under 5%, simultaneously, the manufacturing period of the product oil is reduced while the post disposal cost is also reduced since the oil concentrate-on has been controlled under 200mg/l in the sewerage. The research illustrates that the application of the dynamic hydrocyclone in thin oil dewatering is absolutely feasible, which can serve as the valuable experience of the dynamic hydrocyclone in extending application.

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