Monitoring the effect of floating wave energy converter (WEC) devices on the surrounding wave field will be an important tool for monitoring impacts on the local wave climate and coastlines. Measurement will be hampered by the natural variability of ocean waves and the complex response of WEC devices, causing temporal and spatial variability in the effects. Measurements taken during wave tank tests at MARINTEK are used to analyse the effectiveness of point wave measurements at resolving the influence of an array of WEC on the local wave conditions. The variability of waves is measured in front and in the lee of a device, using spectral analysis to identify changes to the incident wave field due to the operating WEC. The power capture and radiation damping are analysed in order to predict the measured changes. Differences in the wave field across the device are clearly observable in the frequency domain. However, they do not unanimously show a reduction in wave energy in the lee of a device and are not well predicted by measured power capture.

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