Pipeline bundle system consisting of carrier pipe, sleeve pipe and internal flowlines offers innovative solution for the infield transportation of oil and gas. Due to its features, pipeline bundle offers a couple of advantages over conventional pipeline in particular for cases where multi-flowlines and high thermal performance are of great interests. The main benefits and advantages of such system include excellent thermal performance to prevent wax formation and hydrates, multiple bundled flowlines, mechanical and corrosion protection, potential reuse, etc. With the developments of offshore oil and gas industries, more and more hydrocarbon resources are being explored and discovered from shallow to deep water. Pipeline bundle system can be a smart solution for certain applications, which can be safe and cost effective solution. The objective of this paper is to overview pipeline bundle technology, outline detailed engineering design issue and procedure. Focus is given to its potential application in offshore for infield transportation. Engineering design principles and procedures for pipeline bundle system has been highlighted. A companion paper addressed the details of the construction and installation of pipeline bundle system. An example is given at the end of this paper to demonstrate the pipeline bundle system concept and its application.

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