Appendix G of the ASME B31 pipeline and piping codes addresses the pressure containment capacity of pipelines and vessels with locally corroded sections. However, the ability of corroded sections to carry moment, for example in thermal loops, is not addressed in fitness-for-service codes today. This paper presents nonlinear FEA and full-scale 4-point-bend testing of pipes with locally-thinned-areas (LTAs) to simulate corrosion. The LTAs are loaded in compression, and the buckle moment is used as the carrying capacity of the corroded section. The nonlinear FEA is found to match the experimental results, validating this methodology for computing moment capacity in corroded sections. Significant secondary effects were found to affect the testing results. This paper identifies and quantifies these effects. Also, somewhat contrary to intuition, internal pressure is demonstrated to adversely affect the bending capacity for the intermediate-low D/t ratio (17.25) pipe tested.

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