The research is to understand the behavior of components and systems under various operational conditions, and with various maintenance policies. Therefore, this research is expected to give policy options to management. And further, inform the likely impacts of those options. This research presents a flexible system to simulate the effect of these factors to a system its reliability, operation and the maintenance costs. The model studied consists of failure rate, time to maintain, decision to maintain (or not), degree of how good the maintenance is done, the effect on component after maintenance, the maintenance cost, and the operation cost. A case study of main engine system with its support systems is presented using previous works data. Dynamic risk is presented in this work. It makes it possible to figure more frequently updated risk; therefore, it is easier for the management to modify or to mitigate the possible risk. The simulation shows predictive results for a given scenario of system configuration, operation and maintenance decision in simulating dynamic risk. In addition, this paper is addressed to provide a user friendly tool to simulate the system risk under some designed decisions both operation condition and maintenance policy. The result of a better understanding of system behavior and the risk depend on operation and maintenance policy is expected.

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