According to climate change, design paradigm for Marine structure is being changed too. Many researches and practices are carried out countermeasures for climate change after extensive damage from TSUNAMI and Hurricane Katrina. And some of these activities are interest on fatigue crack problem. There are only few ways to prevent Marine structure’s fatigue failure as yet. Most one is applying safety factor to structural strength, another one is carry out fatigue status observation by naked eyes. But those ways have some problems about measuring accuracy and observing continuability. Also Carrying out Marine structure design depend on experiences about structural strength has possibility of in-efficiency. And it might not deal with structural safety ensuring by climate changing immediately. According to weather condition and observing location, it even should be impossible to continue monitoring. As previously stated, to improve problems of structural fatigue life monitoring system, this paper introduce convergence technology based on Ubiquitous network system through analyzing system requirements and developing system framework. Also we make a prototype and carry out test to confirm possibility of fatigue strength prediction system based on Ubiquitous sensor network applying to Marine structure.

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