An experimental work has been carried out to study the phenomena of sloshing of liquid in a partially filled tank with aspect ratio (hs/l, where hs is the static liquid depth and l is the tank length) of 0.585. The sloshing tank was rigidly fixed in to a barge and was exposed to regular beam waves. The wave excitation frequencies (fw) ranging from 0.70Hz to 1.54Hz that cover up to the third mode natural sloshing frequency (f3) are considered. The incident wave height (Hi) is 0.10m. The effects of wave excitation frequency and wave height on the sloshing oscillation are studied. Attempts are made to evaluate the harmonics present in the sloshing oscillation and compare with the results of earlier studies. The barge responses such as sway, heave and roll are measured and it is found that the barge responses at their natural frequencies are insensitive to induce sloshing oscillation inside the tank.

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