This paper presents a new analysis and a comparison of results obtained from Vortex-Induced Motion (VIM) model tests of the MonoGoM platform, a floating unit designed for the Gulf of Mexico. The choice of scale between the model and the platform in which the tests took place was a very important issue that took into account the basin dimensions and mooring design. The tests were performed in three different basins: the IPT Towing Tank in Brazil (September 2005), the NMRI Model Ship Experimental Towing Tank in Japan (March 2007) and the NMRI Experimental Tank in Japan (June 2008. The objective of this work is to discuss the most relevant issues regarding the concept, execution and procedures to analyze comparatively the results obtained from model tests. The approach employed in the tests was designed to build a reliable data set for comparison with theoretical and numerical models for VIM prediction, especially that of Monocolumn platforms.

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