Articulated tower motions have been characterized by rigid body mode of vibrations falling in the wind excitation frequency range due to its compliant nature. Dynamic response analysis of a multi hinged articulated tower platform to random wind and wave forces are presented in this paper. The wave forces on the submerged elements of the tower are calculated by using Morison’s Equation. The fluctuating wind is modeled with Ochi and Shin wind gust spectrum. The effect of wave age (young, intermediate and fully developed waves) on the wind gust spectrum is incorporated by adopting the wave age dependent Volkov, and wave age independent Charnock sea surface roughness models. The response of the tower is determined by a time domain iterative method. An example of results demonstrates the clear effect of wave age on the nonlinear dynamic response on the system. The mean wind modifies the mean position of the surge response to the positive side, causing an offset. Moreover, for high mean wind speeds the total wind response is much smaller than the wave response, but for low wind speeds the wind appears to be more important.

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