In this paper the performance of a new conceptual semisubmersible design that provides motion response similar to a Spar is investigated. The new invention introduces a new feature which is the Free-Hanging Solid Ballast Tank, hence the name FHS Semi. The use of the free-hanging Solid Ballast Tank (SBT) significantly increases the heave natural period while controlling the heave response in the wave frequency range and, therefore, enables the use of the FHS Semi in dry tree applications. The new design’s quayside integration technique and its interface with the top tensioned risers are presented in this paper. Case study for the new design to support a 32,000 ST payload including 15 Top Tensioned Risers (TTRs) in an ultra-deepwater of 8,000 ft water depth is considered. Frequency domain and fully coupled time-domain hydrodynamic analyses have been performed and numerical results are presented to illustrate the new semisubmersible design response in extreme Gulf of Mexico hurricane events.

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