To verify the structural safety under impact load caused by sloshing of LNG is one of the main issues in the design of membrane type LNG cargo containment system of LNG carrier. In order to estimate structural response under sloshing impact load, many kinds of studies including experimental test and numerical simulation have been done by various research groups such as shipyards, oil companies, universities as well as classification societies. In spite of these efforts, many uncertainties still exist to predict the structural behavior of LNG insulation system under sloshing impact load. Therefore, it can be regarded as a challenge to investigate dynamic response of LNG cargo insulation system against sloshing load. In this paper, Cooperative research results obtained by SHI-HHI-PNU-Lloyd-ABS-DNV JDP focused on the impact damage or failure mode of membrane type LNG cargo insulation system are summarized. A systematic experimental research is carried out to find out failure mode of the insulation system under impact load and criteria which can be applied for the design of LNG carrier. A series of dry drop tests as well as static compressive tests are carried out. The structural behavior of the specimen under impact load is recorded using ultrahigh-speed camera and reaction force is measured using load cells which are installed under bottom of the test facility. By analyzing recorded video, deformation history of the specimen at impact moment is obtained. The numerical simulations are also carried out for the dry drop test for verification purpose, It is expected that the insights observed from the systematic experiments and numerical simulations for the structural response of the LNG cargo insulation system subjected to the impact load can be effectively used as design guide for evaluation of the integrity of structural components of LNG cargo hold system.

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