Oscillatory shallow-water flows around a headland of conical form have been investigated numerically using the k-ε and algebraic stress closure models of turbulence. The turbulent flow behind the headland was driven by oscillatory current in a tidal basin. Emphasis has been focused on comparing the more sophisticated turbulence models including: the k-ε and algebraic stress models to predict accurately the flow patterns within such tidal basins. The governing equations have been discretized using the finite difference method. The difference equations were then solved using the ADI algorithm. The advective terms in the k-ε equations were treated using the exquisite scheme. As for the experimental results, the numerical model tests have shown that the structure of eddy shedding was dependent on the Keulegan-Carpenter number. The experimental data from the UKCRF were used to check the numerical model results and it was found that both of the closure models of turbulence generally produced reasonable results for the tests considered within the coastal basin.

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