The aim of this investigation is to assess the influence of viscous effects on the predicted hydrodynamic coefficients for a range of ship-like sections, such as rectangular, triangular, chine and bulbous. Hydrodynamic coefficients, of added mass or inertia and fluid damping, for two-dimensional sections harmonically heaving, swaying and rolling at the undisturbed free surface are obtained using the ANSYS-CFX11.0 RANS solver, for a range of frequencies of oscillation. All predictions are compared with available experimental measurements and other numerical predictions (potential flow and RANS). It is concluded from these comparisons that the proposed RANS approach can offer a better prediction for the hydrodynamic coefficients when viscous effects become significant, in particular for sway and roll motions. It is important that a reliable and systematic approach is adopted for the application of the unsteady free surface RANS methodology.

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