Welding distortion during welding is an inevitable outcome of weld metal shrinkage due to non-uniform heating and cooling in welded joints. Several studies have investigated methods of estimating and controlling welding distortion in order to construct steel structures correctly, easily and efficiently. In the present study, the effect of transformation expansion of the weld metal on welding distortion was investigated in order to develop a welding wire that reduces welding distortion. Concretely, experiments and numerical simulations were performed on the effect of the transformation temperature of the weld metal on angular distortion of a horizontal fillet welded joint. The results showed that angular distortion of the welded joint decreases when the martensitic transformation start temperature of the weld metal decreases in the range from 350°C to 450°C. Based on this result, a welding wire that is effective in reducing welding angular distortion was developed considering usability, weldability and the mechanical properties of welded joints.

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