Developing state-of-the-art and separating principle of deoiling hydrocyclones are introduced. By theoretical analysis, the ways to enhance hydrocyclone’s separation efficiency are described. One way is to inject air into the hydrocyclones so as to combine with oil to form oil-gas compound body, and then increase de-oiling efficiency. By means of injecting air into large cone segment, or fine cone segment of the hydrocyclone, experiments were carried out. It is found that the best injecting part is fine cone segment. Further experimental studies were continued for confirming detail part in fine cone segment, which includes one-third segment and two-thirds segment for the sake of research. Results show that the best air-injecting part is the first one-third segment of fine cone segment. This conclusion would be useful for understanding of air-injected de-oiling hydrocyclone’s separating process, and for its design and applications.

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