Oil spill modeling is a powerful tool that can be used for predicting the trajectory and concentration of an oil spill in contingency event. The National Energy and Water Research Center (NEWRC) of Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority is developing early oil spill warning system for all Abu Dhabi power and desalination plants. The oil spill warning system enables the NEWRC to give early warning signal to plant, which may be threatened by an oil contamination. The Particle Tracking Module (PART) of Delft3D software package of Delft Hydraulics, The Netherlands is used in the setup of the oil spill warning system. This study shows the procedures that were followed to setup the oil spill warning system for one of the largest power and desalination plant in Abu Dhabi Emirate, which is Shwueihat Plant. The oil spill modeling can be used to determine the potential risk of oil contamination at the seawater intake of the plant due to the oil released from any possible oil sources. Case study is presented in the paper to demonstrate the use of the oil spill modeling to predict the trajectory and concentration of the oil slick released from oil source near the Shwueihat Power and Desalination Plant.

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