In this paper, a non-linear time-domain method is used for the prediction of parametric roll resonance in regular waves, assuming the ship to be a system with three degrees of freedom in heave, pitch and roll. Coupled heave and pitch motions are obtained using a three-dimensional frequency-domain potential flow method which also provides the requisite hydrodynamic data of the ship in roll i.e. the potential flow based added inertia and damping. Periodic changes in the underwater hull geometry due to heave, pitch and the wave profile are calculated as a function of the instantaneous breadth. This is carried out using a two-dimensional approach i.e. for sections along the ship and at each time step. This formulation leads to a mathematical model that represents the roll equation of motion with third order non-linearities in the parametric excitation terms. Non-linearities in the roll damping and restoring terms are also accounted for. This method has been applied to two different hull forms, a post-Panamax C11 class containership and a transom stern Trawler, both travelling in regular waves. Special attention is focused on the influence of different operational aspects on parametric roll. Obtained results demonstrate that this numerical method succeeds in producing results similar to those available in the literature, both numerical and experimental.

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