The air supply system, of a ship engine room, is a tremendous source of noise. Apart from the noise from air-intake fan, the rain protection louver, which guides the airflow and protects the fan and the duct from rain, is also a significant source of noise. The influence of the air-intake louver, on the noise generated by the engine room air-intake, has been studied by numerically simulating the flow field as well as on the basis of on-board measurements and simple experiments. In order to analyze the noise generated by the louver, a parametric study has been carried out based on two variables, the angular orientation of the slats of the louver and the spacing between the slats. The study shows that the noise level reduces significantly by changing the angular orientation of the slats, making them inline with the flow. It is also observed that, by increasing the spacing between the slats, the noise level can be reduced. The current work is a part of a study to develop guidelines to limit noise level, due to engine room air intake, on-board a ship.

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