An experimental work has been carried out to study the phenomena of sloshing of liquid in a partially filled tank mounted on a barge exposed to regular beam waves. Liquid fill level with aspect ratio (hs/l, where hs is the static liquid depth and l is the tank length) of 0.325 is studied. The time histories of sloshing oscillation are measured along the length of container at predefined locations. The nonlinear behaviour of sloshing oscillation is observed for the regular wave excitation. The spectra of the sloshing oscillation and their qualitative assessment are reported. The individual sway and heave analytical model have been studied in order to substantiate the importance of coupled mode of excitation. Attempts are made to evaluate the harmonics present in the sloshing oscillation and compare with the results of earlier studies. In the present interaction study, it was found that the nonlinear response of the floating body also plays a role to induce violent sloshing oscillation. The effects of wave excitation frequency on the sloshing oscillation are reported.

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