Boat seine fishing is used to catch mainly demersal species; it has many benefits such as reduced energy and labor costs, and low damage to the sea bottom if it is controlled. This fishing technique has complex motion between the seine boat and the supple net over large operating areas; therefore, the dynamics of its operating processes during fishing are unknown. To investigate the dynamics of boat seine fishing in detail, we calculated its dynamics during a fishing operation using a net geometry simulation system that we developed. Two experimental surveys were carried out in January 2007 at Hokkaido, Japan. Latitude, longitude, and depth were measured in 10 places, from casting the anchor buoy to picking up the seine net. Depth sensors were installed at the top and bottom of the seine net mouth to record a time series of net shape during fishing. Using our net geometry simulator, we simulated net shape and the dynamics of boat seine fishing based on ship position and net depth. Very close agreement was observed between the experimental and simulated depths of the top and bottom of the net mouth during fishing. Three-dimensional visualization of the simulation results showed the capture processes of this fishing technique in a large scale operation. This study shows that our method is valid for modeling fishing operations to better implement smart fishing.

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