Recently, in Japan, some owners of umi no ie (seaside shops) have started illegally occupying the shore for a large part of the year. This has resulted in the problem of the public nature of the beach being violated. In the present research, the following two points were studied. (1) Maintenance of beach facilities, such as restrooms, showers and dressing rooms. (2) Problems concerning the establishment of beach recreation facilities by private businesses, and solutions for these problems. For point (1), a survey was conducted on the maintenance conditions of beach facilities and the needs of beach users all over Japan. We found that users desire facilities such as restrooms and dressing rooms that can be used throughout the year. For point (2), there were problems concerning the procedures required for establishing facilities and conflicts in using such facilities provided by private businesses. As a solution to these problems, we proposed that the local government provide the facilities and private businesses manage the facilities.

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