The Central Disaster Management Council of the Cabinet Office predicts that an earthquake of magnitude 7 will occur in Metropolitan Tokyo and the Tokai area within 30 years. In preparation for such large-scale earthquakes, the government is considering various measures. In this study, we focus on the ‘Umi no eki (Sea Station)’ system developed by the Maritime Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and propose a manual for ‘relief goods transportation’ and ‘stranded-commuter transportation’ using pleasure boats. Since it is important to determine whether pleasure boat owners are willing to voluntarily participate in relief activities at the Umi no eki, we also conducted a survey among pleasure boat owners concerning their awareness of disaster management. As a result, we found that pleasure boat owners are highly willing to participate. This study clarified the restrictions on volunteer activities carried out by pleasure boat owners, and a disaster management manual for pleasure boats was prepared with the objective of constructing a rescue system using pleasure boats in Tokyo Bay.

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