The population of flexible pipes is increasing exponentially and by definition it is ageing. Over the coming years an increasing number of flexible pipes will reach the end of their design life, therefore prudent operators should focus on understanding the integrity status of their flexible pipes. Understanding and effectively managing the integrity of flexible pipes is necessary to prevent, predict, or detect the presence of any loss of integrity. A detailed understanding of the manufacturing history, operational conditions, any previous repairs and inspection or test history are all required to gain a full insight of the flexible pipe fitness and assess its suitability for continued operation and for any potential life extension beyond the initially intended service life. This paper presents guidelines for developing and implementing an integrity management strategy, which utilises the correct mix of inspection and assessment tools (degradation of internal pressure sheath, fatigue assessment, corrosion and annulus condition monitoring etc.) and operating procedures that will allow the operator to assess the opportunity for life extension of flexible pipes.

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