The installation of pipelines is among the most challenging offshore operations. Conventional offshore pipeline installation operations in Brazil have been performed in an S-Lay procedure employing the BGL-1 barge, owned by Petrobras. The BGL-1 is a second generation lay barge and performs installation operations by moving forward using its own mooring lines. The objective of this work is to present the numerical simulation of a pipeline installation operation performed at a particular scenario, Negro river in the Amazon forest. The high current velocity, very irregular bathymetry and heterogeneous soil make this procedure a real challenge. The numerical simulations employ the SITUA-Prosim computational tool, which is able to incorporate the correct definition of the bottom from bathymetric curves. The two crucial points in the performed analyses are: (a) first, to verify if it is possible to move the barge using its own mooring lines in such environmental condition and (b) second, to analyze the pipeline behavior in such scenario.

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