Growth in the need for integrity management of deepwater assets has stimulated new approaches to integrity monitoring to be adopted by the industry. Subsea fibre optic stress sensors have been widely deployed on both shallow water and deepwater risers due to their high sensitivity, reliable operation and ease of installation. The instruments are usually attached on deck as the riser or flowline is deployed, however recently an increasing number of instruments have been retrofitted. The first ever retrofit deployment of a subsea fibre optic stress measurement instrument was to monitor the integrity of a flex joint on a deepwater export riser in the Gulf of Mexico. Another project saw bending moment and axial load sensors retrofitted to SCR wet spool pieces on a deepwater project in GoM. Further systems designed and manufactured and awaiting installation include a system for monitoring cyclic stresses in a flexible riser at the hang off, a system for monitoring fatigue accumulation in a conductor and a system to determine the location of a wax plug on a rigid flowline. This paper will present details of the above systems and will discuss their design, manufacture and varying installation methods together with test data and field measurements.

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