Non-linear dynamic finite element analysis for the interference between clump weight and pipeline on seabed is performed using ANSYS software package, Ref /1/. Output from the analysis is the pull-over force magnitude, as well as shape and duration of impact on pipeline from the clump weight. Two pipelines sizes are analysed for trawl pull-over, the 10" and 12" pipelines laying on seabed. Small scale tests have been used to verify the FE model. The dynamic behaviour during impact testing is fairly well simulated by FE analysis scheme chosen. The results from the FE analysis are compared with the recommended practise outlined by DNV-RP-F111. Realistic trawl pull-over loads are established using actual stiffness of the pipeline and the pipe-soil interaction. The reduced trawl loads and the effect of pipe-soil interaction lead to reduced load effects and will avoid a conservative design and reduce the intervention costs.

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