Now FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) has been widely used in exploitative engineering of offshore petroleum/gas reservoir and becoming one of the most important production facilities. FPSO which is a floating structure has the virtue of sea keeping, permanent mooring, large oil storage, offshore unloading and recursive and so on. FPSO can be used in lots of kinds of oil fields. The Paper mainly introduces software FPSO Mooring Management System which is designed for CNOOC Oil Base Group. There are 17 FPSO serving in China Sea area, so that it is becoming more and more serious on FPSO mooring system. The main failures of mooring system are as follows: broken of main bearing, fracture of YOKE transverse beam, crack of anchor chain, leak of swivel head, local damage under typhoon etc. FPSO Mooring Management System is designed to track and control FPSO mooring situation and to keep detailed information on FPSO mooring management, operation, maintenance etc. This system puts chief data of 136 FPSO together which are serving, under construction, maintaining in the world. This system also provides technical support for company decision. FPSO Mooring Management System is made with JSP, using ORACLE as database, so it can run at any operating system. This system offers access to upload folders and EXCEL files to database to save time and decrease errors in managing lots of data. There are a lot of kinds of files which should be classified by subject. In order to satisfy the need to get different united information not only by certain classification, this system is designed with open structure, it allows users to store files by any classification and own the power to change it. The system offers different searching ways, by which user can get what they want exactly, then the transfers corresponding programs in the computer to play these files. This system meets the requirement of users to get what they want efficiently.

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