The aim of the present work is the evaluation of the fatigue lifespan of a horizontal stiffened panel of an offshore structure subjected to random wave slamming. In order to achieve this objective, a methodology for time-domain slamming prediction was developed. Time series for the relative distance and velocity between the bottom panel and sea surface and the angle between the panel and the sea surface are simulated to provide a way to evaluate when the slamming occurs and the loads associated with slamming, using factor calibrated after a model test on ocean basin. With the loads obtained from these simulations, the structural analysis is then performed, considering all the shell plating, main stiffeners as well as other main supporting structures, by using a finite element structural analysis. The fatigue lifespan is estimated in a complete stochastic analysis, considering all possible sea states during the lifetime of the offshore structure as well as each probability of occurrence associated. All phases of the methodology used for the evaluation of the slamming loads and the fatigue analyses are presented.

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